Optimal way to get down and up from active rest.


Step 1

Place a paperback book (6 – 10 cm high) as support under your head, so the head is a counterbalance for the deep neck muscles. Sit on the floor in front of the support. Ensure the floor is carpeted or use a yoga mat. 


Step 2

Allow your spine to roll down onto the floor until the back of your head is on the support.

Step 3

Bend your knees and bring your feet near your buttocks, in line with hips.  Place your hands gently on your lower ribs, just above your waist.

Step 4

As you lie in the Active Rest position, allow your whole back to be in contact with the floor without pushing it down. Notice your contact with the floor and the head support.



Step 5

When you begin to think about getting up, remember to take your time. Slowly raise one arm above your body so your fingers are pointing directly upward and then look to one side.

Step 6

Let your arm lead your body so that you roll over onto your side. Stop and check that you have not stiffened your neck or begun to over contract your stomach muscles. 

Step 7

Move onto your hands and knees. Rock forward and backwards allowing your head to lead your body forward. Bring one foot forward and put it in front of you. Thinking of length along your spine.
Allow your head to nod forward and rise to a standing position, maintaining the length and width of your torso.

 Photo credit: Nick Chapman The Perfect LineAlexander Technique London.